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We make it easy for New Qualified Potential Clients that are Searching for Your Service to find you!

Why use Assessment Appeal Lawyer ?

Seasoned attorneys know that is it not a lack of calls or requests for representation is the problem, it is the lack of qualified calls or requests. Another way to look at it is that most seasoned attorneys to not want of field calls that they would rather not receive.

Assessment Appeal Lawyer is a niche site that filters the potential calls and requests. The plan behind our site differs from most of the other directory type sites in that we do not try to attract hordes of visitors and hope that a handful are those we would want. We do not offer free advice or have discussion boards for visitors to post questions. We do not populate the site with off topic pages, ads or other means to attract curiosity seekers. We target only property tax appeal visitors. And it works!

Who does the site attract?

Many assume that the site would only attract residential property owners, however this is not the case. We attract:


Client Fit

The amount of money we charge for a one year listing borders on insignificant!

It simply is not enough money to be worth taking the time out of your day to have a discussion about, but, the return can be huge. One case in the course of a year will most likely return 4 to 5 times the amount of money it cost. If you retain the client and go on to perform other services, that is the bonus!

Those two reasons above should be enough, however there is more.

Both web site owners and potential clients have the same problem, the internet has gotten so big that entering a simple search for "lawyer" will get you thousands of web site listings. Getting to the top of that search is expensive! So people then start to change their search parameters to type of law, maybe add a geographic parameter, all in hopes of narrowing the search to where they have a handful of options.

Once people find AssessmentAppealLawyer.com, they have enough options to stop searching and start responding.

From a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standpoint, the more times your name, web address and information is available on the internet, the higher the likely hood that you will be found in a search. Your ranking is going to be higher the more available your information is.

We offer very limited listings. The maximum number of firms listed in any county is 3.

The site is designed to get results for you, the advertiser, not us. Visitors are not required to sign up to get your information, they do not have to join, all they have to do is find their state and county, and your information is listed, free of charge to your potential clients.. Your phone number, your web address, your email if you so choose. There are no good-better-best levels for the visitor. Once you list your firm, all of your information is available to the all visitors.

We saved the best for last!

At $99, if you gain just one new client in the course of a year, you have more than paid for the service.

It is not unusual for client acquisition cost to be in the hundreds of dollars for law firms. With competition among law firms as it is, for $99 you can have a competitive advantage.

Keep in mind that the value of a client is not measured by one legal procedure, but the lifetime of service the client requires.

"The risk to reward ratio of listing your profile is heavily weighed in your favor!"