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Property owners are angry about property taxes that are charged on home prices set in 2006-7 when prices were high.

Today, home prices are far lower after years of declines in home values.
Property taxes are rising even as home values are falling.

Many Property Values have Decreased

Have your Property Taxes ?

In most states and counties of America, your real estate or real property taxes are based upon the value of the property itself, or more specifically, an opinion of that value. During good economic times, real estate in general appreciated in value, however because recently many real estate values have been decreasing. Real estate values still carry assessments from the market's peak, in 2005 and 2006, which means you may be paying taxes on values that no longer exist.

In short, this means you may be paying more money than you should in real estate taxes.

Find below articles and information you may find helpful in researching real estate taxes and tax assessment appeals.

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