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We have found 3 Attorneys that practice real estate assessment appeals in Philadelphia County, PA.

Stewart Weintraub

Chamberlain Hrdlicka

Stewart M Weintraub

300 Conshohocken State Road
Suite 570
West Conshohocken PA 19428
Tel: 610-772-2322
Fax: 610-772-2305

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Chamberlain Hrdlicka services the Commercial and Industrial Markets and does not typically offer residential assessment appeals.

Description of Law Firm

Chamberlain Hrdlicka’s nationally recognized Tax Controversy & Litigation Practice is composed of attorneys experienced in advising and representing taxpayers before federal, state and local taxing authorities and in all federal and state courts in which tax disputes are litigated. Our team includes attorneys who have litigated cases for the United States Department of Justice Tax Division and IRS Office of Chief Counsel, served as IRS Appeals Officers and Revenue Agents, and clerked for the United States Tax Court. Our team also includes attorneys who have CPAs, MBAs, or Masters in Laws in Taxation, or have served in important tax positions in private industry.

What separates a true tax controversy firm from those who profess to handle “tax controversies” is the combination of many critical elements, including:

Substantive tax expertise on a wide array of sophisticated tax issues, Comprehensive understanding of the nuances of tax procedure and the tax controversy process, Extensive knowledge about, and experience dealing with, the IRS, the Department of Justice and state taxing authorities, and A proven track record of successfully litigating unresolved tax claims. Our clients range from the largest multinational corporations to every other conceivable form of business entity, estates, trusts, individuals and nonprofit organizations. Our client engagements cover the full spectrum of substantive tax issues involving income, estate and gift, employment, excise taxes and tax-exempt entities. They arise in all phases of the tax controversy process, from the beginning of the tax audit, to the preparation of tax protests and negotiation with IRS Appeals, to litigation in the United States Tax Court, the Federal District Courts, and the Court of Federal Claims. We also have extensive experience arguing appeals in the United States Courts of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. Similarly, at the state level, we represent taxpayers in all phases of the controversy and litigation process.

In criminal tax matters, we represent companies and individuals who are alleged to owe tax or be liable criminally for failure to comply with the tax laws. Representative engagements include defending taxpayers against allegations of failure to report income, fraudulent overstatement of deductions, preparation of false tax returns, failure to collect and pay over employment taxes, and conspiracy to obstruct the collection of taxes.

Description of Attorney

Mr. Weintraub’s practice has centered on taxation for more than 40 years. He helps clients plan and structure transactions so that all state and local tax obligations are minimized. He represents clients in all aspects of state and local tax compliance and litigation, from audits through trials and appeals to the appellate courts. Mr. Weintraub has extensive experience with real estate assesmsent appeals and real estate exemption appeals. He has been honored by Lambda Alphia International, an Honorary Land Economics Society and is the Pennsylvania designated attorney for the National Association of Property Tax Attorneys. Before entering private practice, he was chief of tax litigation for the City of Philadelphia’s Law Department, during which he also served as chief counsel of the mayor’s Tax Reform Commission. In 2003, he was appointed to serve as a member of the new Tax Reform Commission created by the Home Rule Charter

Chamberlain Hrdlicka also practices law in the following areas:

Real Estate Law - Business Law - Labor Law - Estate Law - Property Tax Appeals

Francis Hoegae

Hoegen & Associates, P. C.

Francis J. Hoegen

903 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Suite 100
Penn Valley PA 19072
Tel: 888-352-4229

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Hoegen & Associates, P. C. services the Commercial and Industrial Markets and does not typically offer residential assessment appeals.

Description of Law Firm

At Hoegen & Associates, PC, our client base includes Fortune 500 companies, land developers, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to minimize the taxes they owe after the completion of a real estate sales transaction. Facing county agencies and courts to contest property evaluations can be a daunting and intimidating process. The attorneys at Hoegen & Associates, PC have extensive experience in this field. You can rely on an attorney at the firm to provide aggressive, effective representation

Description of Attorney

Francis "Frank" Hoegen has been practicing law since 1989 in Pennsylvania. A significant portion of Mr. Hoegen's law practice is devoted to property tax assessment appeals and he has been instrumental in saving millions of dollars in real estate tax savings for his clients.

Frank Hoegen represents large land owners, commercial and industrial real estate owners, property management companies as well as homeowner associations and condominium communities.

Hoegen & Associates, P. C. also practices law in the following areas:

Real Estate Law - Business Law - Property Tax Appeals

High Swartz

Property Tax Attorney

High Swartz LLP

William F. Kerr

40 East Airy Street
Norristown PA 19404
Tel: 610-679-9588

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Description of Law Firm

High Swartz offers a broad range of practice areas and many of our skilled attorneys focus on specific areas of the law. Our firm is able to keep practices highly concentrated with experienced attorneys. Cases are not overworked and clients are not overlooked. Unlike smaller boutique firms, our wide range of skills and experience means there are a number of attorneys in the firm who can consult on complicated matters — and help handle crises and everyday matters quickly and effectively.

Our work and experience includes representation outside of the five-county region — including much of the Mid-Atlantic and New Jersey — and our fees are appropriately structured to the clients we serve.

Description of Attorney

William F. Kerr, Jr. has more than 19 years of experience in real estate law. It includes extensive experience handling real estate tax assessment matters throughout eastern Pennsylvania, including (Philadelphia/Lehigh) County. Mr. Kerr is experienced in appeals of multi-family residential, affordable housing, commercial, industrial, hotel, and similar properties. He also has extensive experience with high value single family residential properties. In addition, he is experienced with non-profit real estate tax exemptions, new construction tax abatement programs, payments on lieu of taxes, and other specialized real estate tax assessment issues. His real estate practice also includes a focus on land use, land development and zoning; real estate transactions; real estate title issues, eminent domain; and real estate code compliance.

Bill represents developers, managers and owners of single and multi-family residential, hotel, shopping center, commercial, industrial, golf course, day-care, prison, utility, cell tower and airport properties.

High Swartz LLP practices law in the following areas:

Real Estate Law - Business Law - Family Law - Estate Law - Property Tax Appeals