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The Law Firm Listed on this page does not service the residential appeal market.

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Frank Hoegen, Law Firm

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Hoegen & Associates, P. C.

Francis J. Hoegen

152 South Franklin Street
P.O. Box 346
Wilkes-Barre PA 18701
Tel: 570-704-5754
Fax: 570-820-3262

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Hoegen & Associates, P. C. services the Commercial and Industrial Markets and does not typically offer single family residential assessment appeals.

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Description of Law Firm

At Hoegen & Associates, PC, our client base includes Fortune 500 companies, land developers, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to minimize the taxes they owe after the completion of a real estate sales transaction. Facing county agencies and courts to contest property evaluations can be a daunting and intimidating process. The attorneys at Hoegen & Associates, PC have extensive experience in this field. You can rely on an attorney at the firm to provide aggressive, effective representation

Description of Attorney

Francis "Frank" Hoegen has been practicing law since 1989 in Pennsylvania. A significant portion of Mr. Hoegen's law practice is devoted to commercial and industrial property tax assessment appeals and he has been instrumental in saving millions of dollars in real estate tax savings for his clients.

Frank Hoegen represents large land owners, commercial and industrial real estate owners, property management companies as well as homeowner associations and condominium communities.

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