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Residential Property Tax Appeals in Westchester County NY

The Law Firms Listed on this page do not typically service the single family residential appeal market.

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Residential Property Tax Appeals

We have found 3 Law Firms that practice real estate assessment appeals in Westchester County, NY.

Bruce Stavitsky Esq

Stavitsky & Associates LLC

Bruce J. Stavitsky

5 Penn Plaza
25th Floor
New York NY 10001
Tel: 646-595-7005

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Stavitsky & Associates LLC services the Commercial and Industrial Markets and does not typically offer residential assessment appeals.

Description of Law Firm

Our goal is to ensure that our clients, who pay real estate and personal property taxes, are fairly assessed and taxed by municipal, county, and state government.

Our practice is pro-active. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible representation when challenging their tax assessments. To that end, we become familiar with the property we are reviewing in order to determine whether an assessment is not equitable.

Description of Attorney

It’s not often that outside counsel can contribute to a company’s bottom line. But our property tax appeals team, led by Bruce Stavitsky, chooses appeals carefully and usually agrees to handle them on a contingency basis, where attorney fees are recovered only when the appeal is successful. It could be said that Bruce has an uncanny sense, based on years of experience, of predicting the success of an appeal. But, in truth, his predictions result from hard work and due diligence.

Whether for real property, machinery or equipment, Mr. Stavitsky knows the relevant law and understands appraisal and valuation techniques, not just bricks and mortar. He immerses himself, often literally, in the property, thoroughly exploring factors that affect valuation, studying the surrounding environs and evaluating the condition of equipment in those states that assess and tax personal property. He constantly questions whether the client qualifies for exemptions, abatements or assessment reduction. He has the attributes of a forensic lawyer, analyzing, investigating and understanding the impact of the tax and of the tax appeal.

Perhaps most important, because of his thorough preparedness, there is no question in the mind of the adversary that Mr. Stavitsky knows the property, understands what it is worth, and knows how to convince the court that his client deserves tax assessment relief.

Stavitsky & Associates LLC also practices law in the following areas:

Real Estate Law - Property Tax Appeals

Janata, LaCap & Associates, P.C

Henry Lacap ESQ

Janata, LaCap & Associates, P.C

Henry Lacap

155 North Main St.
New City NY 10956
Tel: (845) 634-0334
Fax:(845) 634-0071

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Description of Law Firm

Janata, LaCap & Associates, P.C. is a leading property tax assessment appeal firm with over 45 years of continuous experience representing Fortune 500 corporate taxpayers throughout the country in reducing their tax assessments resulting in tens of millions of dollars in property tax savings to their clients.

With offices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Janata, LaCap & Associates has the experience and local knowledge to offer legal services second to none!

Whether it is a real property tax appeal for a 50-story office building, a personal property tax appeal for bottling line equipment, or the negotiation of Property Tax Incentives with the County or State, Janata, LaCap & Associates, P.C. is the uncompromising choice in property tax representation.

Description of Attorney

Henry Lacap, Esq., has been exclusively engaged in property tax related litigation for over 13 years. He has successfully tried or negotiated literally hundreds of property tax appeals on a wide range of properties, from nursing homes to golf courses, fiber optic cable to printing presses, resulting in millions of dollars of refunds and tax savings for Janata, LaCap & Associates, P.C. clients.

Mr. Lacap is a former Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of New York practicing in the New York Corporation Counsel’s Office’s Real Property Tax and Condemnation Division. Since leaving the Corporation Counsel’s office Mr. Lacap has exclusively represented corporate taxpayers in their property tax appeals and has successfully settled, litigated or tried hundreds of property tax cases in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Tax Court of New Jersey, Michigan Tax Tribunal and the Minnesota Tax Court.

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Janata, LaCap & Associates, P.C also practices law in the following areas:

Real Estate Law - Property Tax Appeals

Mark Lansing Esq.

Hiscock & Barclay, LLP

Mark D Lansing

80 State Street
Albany NY 12207
Tel: (518) 429-4264
Fax:(518) 427-3469

Lawrence Zimmerman

80 State Street
Albany NY 12207
Tel: 518.429.4242

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Hiscock & Barclay, LLP services the Commercial and Industrial Markets and does not typically offer single family residential assessment appeals.

Description of Law Firm

Hiscock & Barcaly, LLP Sound legal counsel, innovative and insightful thinking, business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit – these are a few of the characteristics that define Hiscock & Barclay. With 200 attorneys, 30 practice areas and eight offices, we provide the team and resources necessary to get results, efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether it is local market insights, coast-to-coast transactions, or international business issues, we pride ourselves on our unyielding commitment to delivering service that exceeds expectations. While many firms can make solid presentations about their own backgrounds, Hiscock

Description of Attorneys

Mr. Lansing practices in the areas of energy (acquisitions, project development, and operations), project development and finance, and property tax. He assists energy and commercial companies as they buy, build, and operate power-generating plants and commercial facilities. Mr. Lansing’s practice focuses on management of real property and local taxes, and state and federal taxes.

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Mr. Zimmerman has represented clients in hundreds of proceedings involving real property tax reduction, condemnation and a variety of commercial litigation matters. He has appeared at administrative hearings before the Office of Real Property Services, Department of Environmental Conservation and other New York State agencies.

The majority of Larry's work centers around representation of public utilities, independent power producers, pipeline companies, telecommunications companies, major industrial and commercial property owners and municipal governments in real property condemnation and tax certiorari matters.

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Hiscock & Barclay, LLP also practices law in the following areas:

Real Estate Law - Business Law - Property Tax Appeals