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St. Joseph County, In

We have found 2 Attorneys that practice real estate assessment appeals in St. Joseph County, IN.


Wyatt Mick

Tel: (574) 255-9616
Fax: (574) 255-9070

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Description of Law Firm

Real estate is often one of the largest investments in our lives. Such a large investment requires special care. Whether it is the purchase or sale of real estate, land use and zoning questions or protecting your property rights, Bingham & Loughlin, P.C, will assist you in making these transactions. Lawyers provide crucial assistance and analysis in real estate matters that you cannot find from other professionals.

Description of Attorney

Mr. Mick has a tremendous amount of legal experience and knowledge to provide high quality legal service to Bingham & Loughlin’s clients. Today Mr. Mick handles a variety of legal issues for clients

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Botkin & Hall, LLP

Bruce D Huntington

105 E. Jefferson Blvd.
South Bend IN 46601
Tel: 574-234-3900
Fax: 574-236-2839

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Description of Law Firm

Botkin & Hall, LLP is a full service law firm specializing in commercial real estate matters including related transaction and litigation services, real property tax appeal from the level of the County Assessor to the Indiana Tax Court as well as land development, condominium, land use, zoning and related areas. Botkin & Hall provides comprehensive patent and trademark services througout the United States and has appeared before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the United States Supreme Court, and numerous state and federal courts in the defense of its clients' patents and trademarks.

Description of Attorney

Bruce Huntington focuses his practice on real estate transactions and real estate related litigation in state and federal courts in Indiana. Huntington has over thirty years of experience in the area of property tax appeal and has a history of successful service to his clients. Huntington is a State Certified General Appraiser in Indiana and Michigan specializing in complex industrial, commercial and special use properties. Huntington is an Assistant Professor of Business Law at Indiana University.

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Real Estate Law - Business Law - General Law