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Common Questions

The concept of Assessment Appeal is very simple, we offer limited listings, a maximum of 3 attorney profiles per county, for one specific legal procedure, the filing of an appeal of a property owners tax assessment, for a very low price, $99 per county per year.

Your firm does not get lost in the masses, the information you provide is geared toward this one legal procedure, the potential clients get enough information to choose your firm without having to continue the search.

Add that the current real estate market conditions and the strong demand for reduced property taxes legal service and you have a marketing vehicle that could show a substantial increase in your billable's.

In addition, your marketing dollars are combined with those of other participating attorneys around the country. Your costs are limited, yet you receive all of the benefits.

That is not correct, property owners from residential to the largest property owners can and do use our site

The point and purpose of assesmentappeallawyers is that it is easy to use. There is no drilling down into the data to get a productive result.

If your firm only works with large industrial property tax appeals or even utility property tax appeals, customizing your profile will not only help those property owners and representitive searching to find you, but also the search engines as well.

The smaller the target audience you are trying to reach, the greater the marketing effort is going to be required. Also if your target is that small, that usually means they are larger, meaning to acquire a very large client for $99 is a bargain!

We hear that often. One of the reasons that the return from some of the traditional directory type sites is lackluster is that the volume of competition has ballooned over the past years. Everyone is on the internet, so when you have site that tries to cater to everyone, the pie is going to get sliced very very thin.

Also the business model of some of these site is more geared towards being able to show large numbers of visitors that they can bolster their advertising revenue.

The trend in directory sites is beginning to turn toward the niche markets, where the competition is simply overwhelming by sheer volume.

With assessment appeal lawyer, when a visitor comes to our site, they have one goal in mind, to reduce property tax liabilities. When a visitor "clicks through" and goes to visit one of our law firm sites, the probability is very high they are a serious potential client.

In a word, competition. When your firm invests in a large marketing vehicle, you are in a crowd of many. With the assessment appeal lawyer web site, your crowd never gets larger than 3. We attract people interested in one specific service.

So for example, on one of the larger law firm referral sites, we selected a city in Pennsylvania (population 17,000) and entered the search term real estate assessment appeals. It returned 65 results. The search criteria did not allow for a search of an entire county, however the result to you is the same, you would be now 1 of 65 as opposed to 1 of 3.

Go up to the menu, select "Get Started" and register your law firm. Signing up is fast and easy. Once you have select your county, your law firm is visible for the county or counties that you have selected. You will need to create your profile, but we have handy tips for doing that once you have signed up and made your selections. You can also start now by clicking here.

Yes. We gather many participating attorneys throughout the Country that insure the most effective marketing. Our profile listings are only $99 or less per year per County - one case will pay the cost many times over, plus you have the potential to gain a long term client.

Yes! We provide you with a Profile Input page that allows for information on your firm and provides space for Law Firm as well as Attorney specific information.

Yes! Changes can always be made by logging into your secure account. There is no limit to the number of changes you can make.

Your information is saved to our secure database. At anytime during the process, you can save your information and you may return at a later time to completely fill in your Profile.

Yes. We do not share or sell our customers information. Please see Privacy Policy.

For a potential client to find you, it will take a total of 3 mouse clicks, one to get to the site, two to select their state, three to select their county, and your profile is visible for them to see. They will see your phone number, your web site address and the information in your profile. We do not list your E-Mail address on the profile to cut down on spam, but there is a form that they can fill out that goes directly to you.

You get:

  • Directed Traffic - potential clients looking to reduce their real estate assessment
  • A maximum of 3 law firms are presented to potential clients in each county
  • The opportunity to customize your profile and add information on your Firm as well as the individual Attorney
  • A cost effective marketing program


Sites that offer free listings quickly fill to the point of defeating the purpose, which is to get found. When you are one of 3 choices, the percentage of someone calling you is far greater than if you are one of 50, and being contacted by potential clients is the goal of your marketing efforts.

We do not discourage attorneys or law firms from signing up on the free listing sites, your total investment with those type of sites is simply time, however the return is usually lackluster if at all.

You can list yourself in surrounding counties, if available, or you can sign up for our waiting list. When a firm's listing expires and they do not re-list, we will send you an email advising you of the availability.

Absolutely not. When you complete your profile, all the information you want potential new clients to view will be on our web site. They will be able to reach you by your phone or your email link.

Yes! Once you sign up and are listed in any county or counties, there are phone numbers and email addresses available to you that will get you live support. Our goal is to make your experience with assessment appeal lawyer a pleasant, productive and profitable one.

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