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We have found 1 Appraiser that appraises real estate for assessment appeals in Chester County, PA.

Appraisal Trend

Michael Beresin

1250 White Wood Way
West Chester PA 19382
Tel: 610-388-0208

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Description of Appraisal Firm

At Appraisal Trend, LLCâ„¢, we specialize in appraisals for tax assessment appeal, divorce and estate purposes.

Over the last 17 years we have been through every real estate cycle the Delaware Valley has experienced. We understand that each neighborhood has unique characteristics that shape market value.

Utilizing some of the most advanced appraisal techniques and technologies, we consistently produce high quality appraisal reports to meet today's dynamic real estate markets.

Equally importantly, we respond to our clients needs and concerns promptly and with a level of customer service and communication that we believe is unmatched in the Delaware Valley.

To learn more visit our web site at or call us at 610-388-0208.

Appraisal Trend offers real estate appraisals in the following areas:

Residential Appraisals
FHA Appraisals
Divorce Appraisals
Estate Appraisals
Property Tax Assessment Appeal Appraisals