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Description of Law Firm

The Law Office of Anastasia M. Poulopoulos focuses exclusively on real estate property tax appeals and real estate property tax reduction for residential and commercial properties in Cook, Lake, Will, DuPage and Will counties in Illinois. As the slogan for AppealMyTaxes.Biz says: Our Only Bizness Is Lowering Your Real Estate Taxes!

When you choose the Law Office of Anastasia M. Poulopoulos to represent you with your property tax appeal, you will get prompt attention, outstanding service and a comprehensive and aggresive appeal filed with the assessor and/or the board of review.


"At a meeting I was chatting with several folks about the substantial Real Estate Tax reduction that I was able to get by contesting my taxes with attorney Anastasia Poulopoulos. I found her to be very professional, timely and I was truly shocked at the amount of tax reduction she was able to obtain."

-Bob Sheppel, CRS Coldwell Banker Residential-Chicago, IL 2011

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Anastasia is a recognized leader in the field of residential and commercial real estate property tax reduction. Experience and Credentials:

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