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Real Estate Law - Property Tax Appeals

Description of Law Firm

Schneck Law Group's Real Estate Tax Appeal practice exclusively represents property owners in reducing real estate taxes on commercial, industrial and multi-family real estate.

Schneck Law Group files more than 1,500 Property Tax Appeals annually.

Schneck Law Group's Managing Member, Michael Schneck, has more than twenty years of experience and has saved his clients more than $100,000,000.00 in real estate taxes since 1990.

The firm has four attorneys who have almost fifty years of combined experience, including a retired Judge of the Tax Court of New Jersey.

We are experienced Property Tax Appeal Attorneys who are dedicated to representing property owners who wish to appeal assessments on commercial, industrial and multi-tenant real estate.

Description of Attorney

Michael is the Managing Partner of Schneck Law Group LLC, a law firm he started on June 15, 2005. Michael was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1986 and for more than 20 years has been very active in the Tax Court of New Jersey and the 21 County Boards of Taxation.

His firm currently has over 1800 cases pending before the Tax Court of New Jersey. Mr. Schneck’s most recent reported Tax Court decision, Van Orden v. Wyckoff addresses added and omitted assessments. Since 1990, Michael Schneck has successfully saved his clients more than $100,000,000.00 in real estate taxes.

Read the opinion of Cam Gar v. Verona Township

Michael I. Schneck

Michael Schneck

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