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Law firms, real estate brokers and sales people, appraisers all know about how the tax system works within their local area, or state even. They all know that appealing your real estate tax assessment is usually a win for the property owner and they enjoy the lower taxes the successful appeal brings.

And while astute property owners, both in the commercial markets and residential market also know, there are still hundreds of thousands of real property owners that are unaware that they are paying too much and that there are legal mechanisms available to them to reduce them.

Assessment appeal has been created, along with our sister site to get the information into the hands of property owners and to make available to them resources they can use. Assessment Appeal Lawyer provides an easy search tool that home owners and commercial property owners can use to find law firms and individual attorneys as well as real estate appraisers.

But the issue today is not so much about how to get the word out, but more how to have your words found. The web and the internet have grown to such proportions that it is almost like having a one phone book for the entire country. In many ways it is an impendence to its own purpose.

With the current web search technology, is not always clear, easy or inexpensive to be found. However one of the cornerstones of being found is size. All things being equal (amount and type of content per page) a 10 page site is not going to be found nearly as often as a 100 page site.

Having a 100+ page site is time consuming and expensive, so a second option which works almost as well is to network your site with other sites, extending the reach of all sites involved.