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First installment of property taxes is due on June 3

GateHouse News Service

Victoria J. Harper, Fulton County Treasurer and Ex-Officio County Collector, wishes to remind all Fulton County taxpayers that the first installment of taxes will be due on Friday, June 3, 2011.
June 3 timely tax payments must be made in the office of the Collector before 4 p.m., in the drop box by 2 p.m. or postmarked on June 3.  Taxes may also be made at most county banks until their normal closing time on June 3.
Payments may also be made with most major credit cards via internet E-Pay program at Website or E-Pay IVR at 1-877-455-3729.  There will be a user fee assessed in order to pay with your credit card.
State Statutes mandate that late payments after the June 3rd due date will incur a late penalty of 1 ½ percent per month or portion thereof.
Tax bills that are to be adjusted through the Fulton County Board of Review will be corrected in June when the Board begins session. The Board will provide certificate of errors directing the Collector’s office to process corrected real estate tax bills. Since the Board will not convene until after the June 3 first installment due date, the original tax bill will still be due. If payment is made, the adjustment will be applied to the second installment due in September. Since Illinois State Statutes do not allow for waiver of late penalties, if payment is not made, a 1½ percent per month late penalty will be applied on the adjusted first installment until paid. Contact the Treasurer/Collector’s office if you have questions regarding payment of taxes.