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Many property owners can expect lower tax bills this year

By Scott Wyland
Posted: Jul. 15, 2011 | 7:25 p.m.

Property owners will begin receiving tax bills in the coming week, and many will see a reduction from last year.

Taxes on more than half the 729,000 parcels in Clark County will be lower than they were last year, according to the treasurer's office.

Taxes for this year are due on the third Monday in August, but may be paid in four installments if the amount exceeds $100.

Installments would be due Aug. 15, Oct. 3, Jan.2 and March 5.

The county levied a total $1.6 billion in property taxes this fiscal year, compared to $1.8 billion last year. The drop reflects the decline in real estate prices.

Many people will receive a "statement of tax distribution" instead of a tax bill. This means a mortgage company has requested the tax bill information for the property.

If unsure, taxpayers should call their lenders to find out who is responsible for making payments.

Some property owners might not receive a tax bill or distribution statement. This can happen when the property has recently been purchased or when a taxpayer hasn't notified the county of a mailing address change or correction. If you don't receive a tax bill or statement by Aug. 1, call the treasurer's office at 702-455-4323 to request one.

Property owners can check the status of their taxes by going to or by calling the 24-hour automated line using the same number as above.