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Pike Road tax issue revealing

Don Nolte, MontgomeryAdvertiser

It is interesting that some "good citizens" of Pike Road seek to be de-annexed from the town so that they don't have to pay property tax to build the proposed new school. A councilman noted that "this is not good for the community."

Indeed. I would broaden this observation to all Alabamians who own real estate but do not want to pay property tax at a level similar to that of other states because they don't have children attending public schools.

And then they complain about lack of an educated work force, lack of civic consciousness among the "masses," problems with truancy and dropout and drug abuse and teenage pregnancy and crime.

They complain, but they don't want to pay. Government, after all, is a "bloated bureaucracy" which is bad by definition, regardless what it does or attempts to do.

But when the president hesitated to declare a national disaster area in Texas with its wildfires (which don't begin to compare with Alabama tornadoes or Mississippi floods or New Orleans hurricanes), "good citizens" of Texas screamed bloody murder -- property owners who demand federal support.

I admit to having felt some concern in the past few years that west Montgomery might be tossed aside as a ghost town, with the town of Pike Road taking over as the center of investment. It now seems that Pike Road may be hoisted on its own petard -- "live free or die" folks who are now astounded by the need to tax themselves.